Terms and Conditions

Booking a professional cleaning service online or over the phone might be a little daunting to some people so take the guesswork out and please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions. We know and appreciate that no one likes reading the small print, but regulating the relationship between customers and company is essential as it allows for clear, straightforward way of doing business.

Getting familiar with our general Terms and Conditions will help you better understand your role as a customer, and also your rights and responsibilities as a customer. Our disclaimer page also clearly outlines our stance as service provider and the set commitments and responsibilities we have toward you – our customers. If, by any chance, you are unclear with some of the lingo or contents of our Terms and Conditions, or perhaps you need to discuss a particular term in detail, please, get in touch with our consultants, who will be happy to clarify and explain. Avoid any potential confusion and frustration and spare a few minutes to read through this page carefully.